To get your own teeth or dentures long term healthy and beautiful, it requires personal care and professional support. Our specially trained team will help you to achieve the best results and gives you tips for everyday life.
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Prophylaxis Dental Hygiene

To keep your teeth or dentures healthy and beautiful in the long run, you’ll need personal care, professional prophylaxis and good hygiene. Our specialised team will take care of you and help you to achieve optimum results.

In the dental field, prophylaxis is considered as a preventative measure for tooth diseases (like tooth decay) and periodontium (such as gingivitis or periodontitis).

The dental field tailors prophylaxis to the individual and usually includes the following:

monitoring a patient’s oral hygiene and dental case
detection and diagnosis of risks and diseases, their treatment and prevention
professional teeth cleaning
motivation and instruction based on the particular oral hygiene needs of a patient
advice/recommendations about proper oral hygiene aids and products
nutrition management
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Dental Hygiene

A bright smile and healthy teeth are hugely important to one’s well-being. Therefore, we recommend regular visits to our dental hygienists/prophylaxis assistants. They are monitored by professionals and instructed to provide you with perfect oral hygiene. In addition to professional teeth cleaning, they remove discoloured surfaces, polish your teeth and take X-rays on a regular basis. To help you maintain this regularity, we encourage you to sign up for our reminder system following your appointment in which we write, call or contact you via text or email to remind you of your next dental cleaning.
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Correct Oral Hygiene

Correct oral hygiene is not only important to keep your teeth and gums healthy, but it also plays an important role in contributing to the health of several other organs in our body.

To name a few examples:

  • Proper oral hygiene may lower the risk of developing diabetes
  • In the case of diabetes, it may influences the disease badly Favoring heart and circulatory diseases
  • High blood pressure
  • Influencing the risk for preterm birth
  • Influencing the risk in case of transplantations

You may like to discuss some of these issues with our staff. We would be happy to provide you with recommendations for individually tailored oral hygiene, tooth brushing techniques, space maintenance, adequate products and accessories as well proper nutrition.
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Foods which are gentle on the teeth and ideal for your oral health include vegetables, rice, grains, meat, fish, eggs, cheese, cottage cheese and nature yoghurt, among others. They’re gentle because they contain little acid or sugar which are known to attack tooth enamel. Most of the food and drink that we consume on a daily basis contains sugar or are acidic. It is ideal to brush your teeth correctly to protect the teeth from acid but the production of salvia is also important. This automatically helps to reduce the acids.

Nutrition is also important for dental and oral health. Some preferable tooth-friendly foods are vegetables, rice, cereals, meat, fish, eggs, cheese, cottage cheese and natural yoghurt. These foods are gentle on teeth since they are low in sugar or acid which attack tooth enamel. Additionally, they also contain a high proportion of vitamins and minerals that are conducive to good dental health.

Food habits and consumption patters have changed considerably compared to what they used to be. To best protect the teeth against daily attacks by food consumption, among other things, it is important to be well informed about optimal eating habits.
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You should schedule a dental hygiene appointment every six months. A check-up with a dentist should be scheduled annually or at least once every two years. During these appointments, small X-ray images are taken to detect tooth decay. After getting nine teeth cleanings with our membership or family cards, you’ll receive another free!
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Halitosis, or bad breath, is still a taboo subject despite the fact that a third of the population suffers from it occasionally. Bad breath is not a disease and, in most cases, its treatments is relatively simple. You can find more information about the causes of and breath and potential treatment options at our clinic.

Learn more about Halitosis on
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Salvia Test

Measurements of salvia’s buffer capacity give clues to individual tooth decay activity and can be used to determine appropriate prophylactic measures. To identify the bacterial flora in order to optimize periodontitis treatment, we perform microbiological tests.

Salvia plays an important role in maintaining the health of your teeth. Deficits in the amount of salvia produced and the quality of salvia can be easily determined by special salvia tests. The individual risk of tooth decay and appropriate prevention measures are defined based on these measurements. Microbiological tests are performed to identify the bacterial flora/bacterial spectrum of the oral cavity/periodontal pocket and to optimise periodontis treatment.
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Fluoride is necessary for the prevention of tooth decay and the (re-)mineralization of enamel. Small amounts of fluoride exist in various foods and in most toothpastes. In addition, regular local fluoridation is recommended by applying highly concentrated fluoride solutions, gels or varnishes within the dental practice, for example. In some cases, it is also advisable to permanently use products with higher fluoride concentration at home. We would be happy to advise you about fluoride use.
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Anti-Aging for teeth

Regardless of your age, a variety of treatments such as appropriate hygiene measures, individual prophylaxis or aesthetically pleasing dentures can provide you with a natural, harmonious and healthy appearance of gums and teeth.

Our team will be happy to advise you!