Implants replace lost teeth reliably. Following the model of natural teeth an artificial tooth root made ​​of titanium forms the basis for crowns, bridges or dentures. Only those who have for years been involved in every facet of the implant, can guarantee long-term success. With us you will be treated exclusively by experienced implantologists who have their techniques refined over many years to perfection and were able to develop a secure sense of color, form and function.
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Implants are almost always possible. An implant is not a question of age, but an individual investigation is required nonetheless.
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No question of age

Implants are not a question of age. Those who may not apply include patients whose jaw growth is not yet complete. Otherwise, implants can be easily inserted in healthy patients regardless of their age.
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Individual clarification is a must

The most important prerequisite for successful treatment with dental implants involves detailed survey findings on an individual basis.

The dentist creates a report and proposes suqqestions for treatment based on individual diagnosis and strategy.
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Negative Conditions

Implant restrictions

There are a few conditions which may prevent implantation, such as a poor general state of health or disease and habits such as heavy smoking since it can negatively affect healing.

Sometimes the bone which was planned for the implants is not sufficient. In the cases, conditions are created for the insertion of dental implants generally by means of additional surgical measures.

Good oral hygiene and regular examination are important for long-term stability and non-inflammatory conditions before and after implantation.